It takes 28 days to form a habit. 

We invite you to start the best habit of your life:
hot yoga & fitness @ FOCUS BRYNMAWR

Join us and…
✅ start feeling better mentally
✅ start feeling better in your body
✅ be part of a community
✅ grow, expand, and thrive

We'll give you the 28 days you need to form this hot yoga habit.
You give us $1 per day.
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“Until going to Focus, I had never been in a room in which not one ounce of judgment was felt. Focus is  a community of authentic people that support, validate, and love you despite possibly never having spoken with you.”
–C. J. Oleschuk (member)

The Truth...

Life on Earth can be exhausting right now. The problems seem to be everywhere. The news is all bad and it’s coming from our phones, our TVs, our co-workers, and even our own minds!

On top of it all, most of us are living lives that are not set up to give our bodies and brains what they need. As a result, we’re left feeling burnt out and out of touch, and even lonely, sad, and anxious.

Most of us are under-nourished, and overwhelmed.

But where do we even start? Is it even possible to feel better? (Spoiler: F*** yeah it is.)

Maybe you’ve tried a social media detox, a juice cleanse, or going to the gym. Nothing was sustainable, none of it was fun, you didn’t reach any goals, and you’re left right back where you started.

Try a practice that targets body, mind, and spirit in a fun and loving community.