USA Yoga Competition 

December 2, 2023

We could sit here all day and argue if yoga is a sport. I do not do yoga because of competition. I do yoga because it cures my back pain, it makes me feel physically well, it helps my mental strength and clarity, and it also makes me a better contractor, father, husband, friend, and human. The competition is a day to show the skills that I have been building and hang out with other people that love yoga as much as I do. I have been serious about yoga for about seven years, practicing almost every day since I started. When I committed to the competition it took my practice to a higher level. Now when I practice I am thinking about the details that I never thought about before the competition was on the table. I am more committed to my practice and more committed to perfecting the postures to the best of my ability. 

One of my passions for the last seven years has been to share my love of yoga with everybody that I can. That is still my passion, and now, I am in search of people that want to take their practice to the next level and encourage them to compete. I would love to have a group of people that stay after class to work on postures and routines for competition. The group could encourage and help each other to be the best yogis possible. 

Now that I have yoga in my life I only wish that I had started earlier in life. I wish that I had yoga as a tool when I was an athlete in high school and as an avid outdoor adventurer. I have been filling my spare time with weight lifting, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and ice climbing. Yoga is the perfect complement to all activities, sports, and training. 

As we speak the powers at be are trying to get yoga into the olympics. The more attention that yoga competitions get the more likely it is to happen. Let all reach within and find our inner spirit and give it our best go!! The yoga competition is available to middle school kids and adults with no age limit. The earlier you start the journey, the sooner you harness the possibilities of yoga. 

I hope to see you at focus. Please approach me if you have interest in taking your practice to the next level and I will do what I can to help you make it happen.

Tico is a co-owner of Focus Bryn Mawr and currently the #4 ranked American Male 18-50 by USA Yoga. He teaches regularly at Focus and really lets loose on Fridays with his 430 Hot 26+ 2 Music Class. He’s also one of the area's best contractors (and definitely one of the nicest and most honest!)